Server Details

IP: Port: 3391



The Sensible Server is a private dedicated Minecraft server with a dual focus. Multi-World support enables us to have the best of both worlds: Freebuild and Survival. Free-build World is a creative build world with advanced build tools and perks where you are free to design and build whatever you want. Survival world is just that, a cooperative or competitive experience much like the Single Player experience. Unlike the single player game, our survival world has many improvements and additions, like an economy, user created shops, competitions, and more.

Basically I'm seeking to create a full-featured MineCraft MMO-like experience, with added challenge and a feeling of progression and character specialization, while still retaining the fun and freedom of building.

You can get a detailed Change Log on the server forum. Note: The Bukkit Forum requires a seperate registration in order to view posts.



  • Guests can still look around to see if they want to join.
  • Separate Survival, Nether and Free-Build worlds.
  • No paid ranks. Everyone is equal. Donations accepted.
  • MCBans to kick/ban griefers and prevent known griefers from even joining.
  • Team of friendly moderators to assist you.
  • Fully implemented permissions and build protection.
  • Logging of block placement and breaking for griefer detection and rollback.
  • In-game Help Ticket system to notify admins even when they are offline.
  • Customized /help menus in-game with only the commands you can use.
  • Fully-featured economy with server and player run shops, trading, custom monster loot, contests, gambling, and more.
  • High-detail zoomable world maps updated every 30 minutes.
  • Greatly expanded functionality compared to vanilla servers.
  • ~80 plugins lovingly integrated and tuned.
  • Separate Survival, Nether and Free-Build worlds connected via central portal hub.
  • Separate permissions, rules, and inventories for survival/nether and freebuild world.


Multiworld Details:

Survival World features:

  • Enhanced Single player like experience.
  • Animal and Mobs are enabled, including giants, slimes, and wolves.
  • Bounty hunting system. Put a hit on your enemies!
  • Form groups with your friends. Allows for group chat, and prevents friendly fire.
  • Advanced karma-based PvP system allows for fair play without griefing.
  • Region protection to protect your build from others.
  • Chest and door locking to protect your stuff.
  • Monsters drop cash and items for use in a functional economy.
  • Player-run shops!
  • Purchasable "spells" from the in-game magic shop.
  • Teleport, Warp, and Home functions.
  • Town areas where you can build a shop and your own house.
  • Many other features. Check /help in-game for complete list.

FreeBuild World features:

  • Item and Kit spawning.
  • Teleport, Warp, and Home functions.
  • MagicCarpet to fly around on.
  • WorldEdit and WorldGuard commands.
  • Region protection to protect your build.
  • TNT and Creeper damage blocked to prevent griefing.
  • Control time with /time.
  • Many other features. Check /help in-game for complete list.


Server Rules:

Violation of the rules will result in warn/kick/ban depending on severity.


  • You must have a legitimate copy of Minecraft.
  • Be respectful. Be ethical. Be sensible.
  • Do not use cheat/xray mods/textures. You will be globally banned.
  • Do not grief other players in any way.
  • Do not abuse water, lava or TNT.
  • Do not modify the work of others. If you wish to help, ask.
  • Client mods and texture packs are allowed, as long as they are not used in the service of cheating.



Three Strikes and You're Out!

This server uses the MCBans plugin and service to provide Kick, Temp Ban, Local Ban, and Global Ban features.

Here are a few guidelines for how bans are implemented on the server going forward. This should make things a bit more fair and balanced.

1. Non-registered, extremely obnoxious players. such as random guest users that just show up and bother people right off the bat will receive a permanent ban on the spot. Depending on the nature of the offense, the ban may be submitted to the MCBans global ban list which will count against their rating.

2. Regular registered users may be banned for a rule violation using an escalating temporary ban structure up to 3 times before a permanent ban is issued. In essence, a 3 strikes rule. As before, depending on the nature of the offense, the ban may be submitted to the MCBans global ban list which will count against their rating.

3 Strikes Rules:

  • Strike 1 - Banned for 1 day.
  • Strike 2 - Banned for 2 days.
  • Strike 3 - Banned for 3 days.
  • Strike 4 - Permanent ban.

Griefing will receive a permanent GLOBAL Ban, meaning that other servers running MCBans will be notified of the violation when the user tries to log in. Repeated violations will result in the naughty users being unable to log in to any server running MCBans.



We are lucky to have some great Moderators on this server who are most sensible indeed. Please give them the respect they deserve and they will do their best to help you out if you should need it.

  • Owner and Operator - x0rTrunks
  • Acting Admin - Turqmelon
  • Moderator - DuncanD
  • Moderator - Danketh
  • Moderator - leftovers5


Server Specs:

  • Completely dedicated server.
  • Intel Core i7 2600k at 4.8ghz, 16gb RAM, 40Gb SSD boot drive, 500Gb storage drive, 1gb Ramdisk, on Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit SP1.
  • Very high uptime (95%) and availability (24/7).
  • Bukkit Minecraft Server Mod and plugins are updated only as needed and tested for stability.
  • High speed, low latency Internet connection. 100Mbps down/5Mbps up.
  • Located in Central Canada. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to be exact.
  • Regular world backups (Incremental every 15 minutes, new full backup every 12 hours).
  • Map renders created by Overviewer and served by Apache web server.
  • High-speed MySQL database backend.
  • Website powered by Apache.
  • Runs on Redstone wire.


Special Thank You's

This server and website would not be possible without Open Source and Freeware software.

Such as:

  • The Bukkit Minecraft Server Mod and it's many plugins
  • NotePad++ for coding and config editing.
  • Apache webserver for hosting duties.
  • PHP for server side scripting.
  • The MySQL database for being a worthy base for data.
  • Minecraft Overviewer for generating the map tiles.
  • And the GoogleMaps API for serving up those tiles in a snazzy interface.
  • Dropbox and Google Web Albums for offloading image hosting.
  • DataRam Ramdisk for a kick ass free ramdisk to hold the world data.
  • Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for supporting standards compliant web development.
  • PNGOUT and Paint.NET for image editing.
  • W3 School for being an excellent HTML compendium.
  • And probably many more that I've forgotten.