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The Sensible Server is an advanced minecraft server running the bukkit mod and many plugins to expand functionality.
This added functionality means there are many non-standard and often confusing comnmands available for you to use.
In order to make things as easy as possible for the end user, the following command reference guide has been compiled.

Please keep in mind that this is a Beta product still heavily in development, and therefore, some commands either may not work as intended, or may not work at all. If you encounter a problem, please let us know so that we can try and fix it.

These help commands can also be used in-game at any time.

There is also a printable condensed version available for download in PDF format. (Requires Adobe 9 or later)


Command List

Click on a help command to jump to a detailed command list for that topic

Basic information and useful commands. Help Tickets System to contact an Admin.
How to use the chat system. Votekick, bounty hunting, and help tickets.
Protect your chests, doors, signs, etc from others. The basic mechanics of combat in Survival.
Manage your money, trading, and shops. Get around quickly with these commands.
How to use the magic shop in Town. Commands for MagicCarpet usage.
How to use Tents. Spawn items and kits in Freebuild World.
Area protection information. WorldEdit Basics.
Add color to your signs and chat. See details on Survival World.
See details on the Nether. See details on Freebuild World.




+SURVIVAL: Fight to survive in this world.

In this world you will have to fight to survive.
No item spawning. You must harvest and mine.
PvP is encouraged. Be on your guard. Use /helpPVP for help.
Animals and mobs both spawn. Earn money hunting.
CAUTION! Creepers and TNT explode and do damage.
Your inventory is tied to this world and the nether.
You can start a shop to sell your wares. See /shop
Survival world is also tied to the Nether world.

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+NETHER: Try to Survive The Nether World!

The Nether is a very dangerous place.
In this world you will have to fight to survive.
Be cautious. Work slowly outward and watch your back.
Your inventory is tied to Survival World. Meaning you
need to bring supplies with you to survive.
The rewards you earn here will be great, but only if
you survive long enough to bring them back with you.
Demand for Nether materials is high. Profit awaits the brave!

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+FREEBUILD: Build your dreams.

Here you are free to build whatever you want.
You can spawn items and kits to help you.You should place a sign near your build with your name.
Please do not destroy the work of others. EVER.
If you have problems with griefing, see /helpgrief
Try to keep your buildings tasteful and cool. No one likes an eyesore.
There are no monsters, animals, health. Just free build.
If you get bored, try to survive a night in Survival World.
There is a portal to freebuild in the spawn dome.

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+BASICS: Basic information and useful commands.

  • /helpchat
How to use the Chat System.
  • /MOTD
View message of the day.
  • /list or /who or /online
See a list of players online. Pro Tip! You can use a single slash ( / ) with nothing after it to do the same thing!
  • /where
Get information on your location.
  • /clear
Clears your inventory. Careful, once it's cleared, it's gone for good.
  • /stack
Stacks like-items in your inventory, freeing space. This will also stach items that are not normally stackable, like food! Bonus!
  • /time (day|night|#)
Control time of day or night in Freebuild.
  • /weather (sunny|stormy)
Control the weather in Freebuild.

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+HELP ME!: Log a Help Ticket so an Admin can help you.

Please report any abusive players or instances of griefing.

Try to enter the ticket while you are at the location of the problem, so the admin can go directly there.
  • /PE
See list of commands for logging a Help Ticket.
  • /PE NEW (message)
Create a new Help Ticket.
  • /PE LIST
See open Help Tickets.
  • /PE VIEW (Ticket#)
View the ticket.
  • /PE LOG (Ticket#) (message)
Add a comment to the ticket.
  • /PE CLOSE (Ticket#) [REASON]
Close the ticket.
  • /PE REOPEN (Ticket#)
Re-Open a closed ticket.

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+CHAT: Join Channels, Send Private Messages, Emotes.

  • /helpcolor
How to add color to your chat messages.
  • /msg (player) (Msg)
Send a private message to someone.
  • /reply or /r (Msg)
Reply to the message.
  • /me (emote)
Express an emotion to others.
  • /CH HELP
Detailed help for HEROCHAT Plugin.

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+COLORED TEXT: Add color to your signs and chat.

Just add a color code before the word you want to color.
For signs, use the pound symbol (#), For chat, use the ampersand (&)
followed by a number from 1 to 9, or letter from A to F.
Pound is on the 3 key, and ampersand is on the 7 key.

Example 1: Entering "&4Hello!" into the chat box would make your text red.

Example 2: Entering "#2Jim's House" on a sign would make your text green.

Available colors are as follows:

Color CodeResulting ColorColor CodeResulting Color

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+ANTIGRIEF: Votekick, Bounty Hunting, and Help Tickets.

Band together and punish misbehaving players.
Please report any abusive players or instances of griefing.

  • /PE
See list of commands for logging a Help Ticket.
  • /PE NEW (message)
Create a new Help Ticket.
  • /votekick (Player Name)
Start a kick player vote. Need 51%.
  • /vote (yes) or (no)
Cast your vote yes or no.
  • /votemsg (question)
Start a vote on whatever you want.
  • /bounty help
Shows info on bounty hunting system.

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+LWC: Lock your chests, doors, furnaces, and signs.

Simply enter a command below and left click the chest.

Note: Use /cprivate if you just want to keep other players out.

  • /cprivate
Create a private protection only you can access.
  • /cpublic
Create a public protection that anyone can use.
  • /cpassword (pass)
Create a password-protected lock.
  • /cunlock (pass)
Unlock something (when asked).
  • /cinfo
View information on an already protected inventory.
  • /cremove
Remove an existing protection.

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+COMBAT: Parties, Mob Hunting, Critical Hits, PvP.

  • /helppvp
Information on grouping and PvP commands.
  • /helpdeath
What to expect when you die.
  • /helpkarma
How the PvP Karma system works.
  • /helpcrits
How Critical Hits work.
  • /party
Create and join an adventure party.
  • /hunt
Sign up for the next nights hunt.
  • /huntstatus
Get info on the progress of the hunt.
  • /huntscore
See your personal high score.

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+PVP: Bounty Hunting, Karma, Outlaws.

PVP is allowed and encouraged in Survival World.

  • /pvp
See info on your PvP status.
  • /helpkarma
How the PvP Karma system works.
  • /bounty help
Shows info on bounty hunting system.
  • /sneak
Enable sneaking to hide your playername.

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+KARMA: Karmic Justice for One and All.

  1. If you were Murdered, the killer steals some cash.
  2. He also gains Karma. If he gets enough, he is Outlawed.
  3. You don't gain Karma for killing an Outlaw.
  4. Outlaws get small bonus when killing people.
  5. An Outlaw loses Karma when they are killed.
  6. If they lose enough, they return to non-outlaw status.
  7. Use /pvp to check your Karma and Outlaw status.

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+DEATH: OH NO! You're dead! What now?

  1. When you die, you return to the Spawn Dome.
  2. If you had a chest in your inventory, your items will drop into the chest.
  3. You need 2 chests to hold your entire inventory.
  4. If you have no chest, your inventory falls onto the ground.
  5. To find your chest, use /tombinfo to list your chests.
  6. Then use /tombfind to point your compass at the chest.
  7. To clear your list of tombs, use /tombreset.
  8. Your chest lasts for many hours and only you can open it.

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+CRITICAL HITS: Do more damage with crits.

  1. Base Crits: You have a 2% chance to do +50% dmg.
  2. Level 1: You have 4% chance to do +100% dmg.
  3. Level 2: You have 6% chance to do +150% dmg.
  4. Level 3: You have 8% chance to do +200% dmg.
  5. Everyone has base crits using anything to attack.
  6. Levels 1-3 only work when attacking with swords.
  7. Levels 1-3 must be purchased from the Magic Shop.
  8. Crits work on monsters and players.

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+ECONOMY: Bank Accounts, Trading, Gifts, Shops.

  • /money ?
Shows list of help items for money.
  • /account help
Shows info on shared bank accounts.
  • /shop
Shows list of shop related commands.
  • /gift (player) (amount) (item)
Sends item to the player.
  • /send (player) (amount) (item)
Same as /gift.
  • /trade help
Shows help items for trade system.
  • /lottery
Shows info on entering the hourly lottery.

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+TELEPORTATION: Get around quickly with these commands.

  • /spawn
Return to the safety of the Spawn Dome.
There are portals to The Nether and Freebuild in the Dome.
  • /warp
Use the xWarp plugin to create warp points.
(Note: See /warp help for more commands.)
You can set a limited number of warp points, for a price.
  • /home
Use the MyHome plugin to create a home point.
(Note: See /home help for more commands.)
You can set one home point, and invite others to join you.
  • /tp
Use the TelePlusPlus plugin to teleport to a player.
(Note: You must request permission to tp to someone.)

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+MAGIC SHOP: Purchase special abilities to use in Survival.

The shop is located in Sensible Town behind the Department Store.
You have the option of Buying, or Renting your spells.
Buying a spell costs more, but you will own it.
You will be able to use it as much as you want.
Renting a spell is cheaper, but it has limitations.
Some spells can only be used a certain number of times,
Others only last for a limited duration.
Visit the magic shop in person for more details.

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+MAGICCARPET: Escape the shackles of gravity.

  • /MagicCarpet or /MC
Summon a Magic Carpet to ride.
Jump to go up. Crouch to go down. Use /mc again to disable.
  • /mc 3 or /mc 5 or /mc 7
Specify the carpet size.
  • /ml
You can turn on a handy headlight.

Can be used with your wand to set a point high in the air
Just aim at one of the blocks of glass and hit it.
MagicCarpet is available automatically in Freebuild World,
but must be purchased from the magic shop in Survival World.

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+TENTS: Portable, Secure, Stylish.

Ever been out in the wild as night falls and needed a quick
place to stay, but didn't want to build your own temporary
shelter? Well now there are magic tents!

Here's how it works:

  1. To use a tent, you'll need a block of clay.
  2. Either buy some from the Sensible Shop, or find some.
  3. Place the clay on the ground, and right click on it. POOF!
  4. The tent contains all the comforts of home.
  5. To pack up the tent when you're done, just destroy a wall.

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+ITEMS AND KITS: Summon blocks and kits to your fingertips.

Note, items and kits are only available in Freebuild world.

  • /item or /i (name|ID#) (amount)
Summon blocks and items.
  • /more
Give yourself more of the item in hand.
  • /kit
Show list of item kits available.
  • /clear
Clears your inventory.
  • /stack
Stacks like-items in your inventory.
  • /search (item)
Find item ids and names.
  • /itemid
Returns the Item ID # of your in hand item.

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+WORLDEDIT: Heavy duty building tools.

  • /helpregion
Area protection information.
  • //wand
Gives WorldEdit Selection tool ie Wood Axe.
Select two points with left and right click to make a box.
  • //
(Double Slash) Enable WorldEdit SuperPickAxe.
  • /tool
Change your tool into a powerful world edit tool.

Many other WorldEdit commands are available. Check out this handy Printable Reference Sheet! (PDF file)

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+RESIDENCE: Protect your region from others.

Residence is a powerful plugin that allows users to protect and take ownership of an area of the world for a fee.
You can find more detailed information at the Official Residence Wiki.
The command list is re-printed below as a reference.

General Commands
  • /res ?
Displays help.
  • //wand
Gives Region Selection Tool ie Wood Axe
(Note: Left Click point 1, Right Click point 2. The area between is your selection. Think a big box.)
Selection Commands
  • /res select [x] [y] [z]
select a cuboid area to protect, X Y and Z are all a radius from your current location, you can also use a tool (wooden axe by default) to select land.
  • /res select size
show selected area size.
  • /res select vert
expand selection from sky to bedrock
  • /res select chunk
Select a whole chunk for protection.
Creation Commands
  • /res create [ResidenceName]
create a residence
  • /res area (add|remove) (residence) (areaID)
Add or remove areas to the residence. These can overlap with areas of the same residence.
  • /res subzone (ResidenceName) [SubZoneName]
create a subzone in your residence. You must be the owner to do this.
  • /res remove [ResidenceName]
remove a residence
Info Commands
  • /res info (ResidenceName)
get info on a residence, leave off (ResidenceName) to view info on the one your standing in.
  • /res list
list residences you own
  • /res listall
list all residences
Flag Commands
  • /res set (ResidenceName) [flag] [true/false/remove]
set flags on residences.
  • /res gset (ResidenceName) [GroupName] [flag] [true/false/remove]
set flags on different groups
  • /res pset (ResidenceName) [PlayerName] [flag] [true/false/remove]
set flags on different players
Utility Commands
  • /res unstuck
moves you outside the protected area your in
  • /res tp [residence]
teleport to a location
  • /res tpset
set the teleport location in your residence.
  • /res message (residence) [enter/leave] [message]
sets a enter or leave area message. You can ommit (residence) to use the one your standing in.
  • /res message (residence) remove [enter/leave]
removes a enter or leave message.
  • /res default (residence)
Restores residence to default flags.
  • /res rename [OldName] [NewName]
Rename a residence. For subzones, OldName must the the full name(parent.subzone), while NewName is only the new name.
  • /res renamearea [residence] [OldName] [NewName]
Rename a physical area attached to a residence.
  • /res lists
Predefined residence permission lists, do '/res lists' for details.
  • /res mirror [source] [target]
mirrors permissions from one residence to another. You must be owner of both to do this.
Market / Economy Commands
  • /res market [buy/info] [residence]
buy or view info on a residence for sale.
  • /res market sell [residence] [amount]
put up a residence for sale
  • /res market unsell [residence]
remove a residence from selling.
  • /res lease [renew/cost] [residence]
renew or show cost of renewing a residence.

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